National Essay Competitions on Indian Constitution and Fundamental Duties

The Department of Higher Education, Ministry of HRD, in association with UGC and NTA, is organizing 11 rounds of National Essay Competition as part of the year-long Fundamental Duties Awareness campaign of Govt. of India to commemorate the 70th year of adoption of our Constitution. There will be one National Essay Competition every month, based on one Fundamental Duty. All students enrolled in any Higher Educational Institution in India are eligible to participate.

List of Students who have won Prizes in the Third Essay Writing Competition, click here

Looking into the present situation and lockdown, caused due to COVID 19, the 4th National Essay Competition registration dates are extended till 17th April 2020, admit cards shall be issues to all students who have paid the fee and the Essay Competition shall be held on 26th April 2020.

The details of the National Essay Competition are as follows:

Competition Announcement Registration Open Registration close Admit card issue Essay Day Result day
4th 26-Feb 26-Feb 17-Apr 21-Apr 26-Apr 11-May
5th 26-Mar 26-Mar 17-Apr 21-Apr 26-Apr 11-May
6th 26-Apr 26-Apr 17-May 21-May 26-May 11-Jun
7th 26-May 26-May 17-Jun 21-Jun 26-Jun 11-Jul
8th 26-Jun 26-Jun 17-Jul 21-Jul 26-Jul 11-Aug
9th 26-Jul 26-Jul 17-Aug 21-Aug 26-Aug 11-Sep
10th 26-Aug 26-Aug 17-Sep 21-Sep 26-Sep 11-Oct
11th 26-Sep 26-Sep 17-Oct 21-Oct 26-Oct 11-Nov

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Subject: To defend the country and render national service when called upon to do so

Students of higher education institutions, interested in the National Essay Competition are requested to fill-in the ‘Student Registration Form’ as under:

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